Miscellaneous useful code

Survey Analysis Template

While every survey is different; they generally share some common features. Thus, I start each survey analysis the same way:

First I ensure that I have the data in neat flat sheet form, and then I create a second sheet of metadata that describes the data in useful ways. See this fake survey data spreadsheet example to better understand the idea.

Second I use a Quarto script or an R Markdown script that processes the data and metadata in a generic way and includes all the tables and plots needed for most survey analyses, as well as notes and links explaining key topics. This is supported by a simple formatting template for Word output since most (99%+) of my clients use Word.

The resulting analysis looks like this.

LateX stuff

Example test using my LateX test template. It has the test and memo in one file and automatic mark adding up and checking.

LateX code for basic statistical tables that one can include in tests.

Sean van der Merwe
Coordinator of UFS Statistical Consultation Unit